Only once a year we have a litter, not more frequent. 
We choose to do so, as raising a litter requests very much time and energy if you want to do it correctly.
We want our puppies being socialised very well. That means that they have to see  grownups and children frequently, as well as other breeds of dogs, cars, crowded places, etc. Learning how to walk on a leash. Hence our goal is a good socialized dog. 
We try to do so through positive reinforcement.
As the new puppy owner we like you to follow the same procedures.
At the age of 8 weeks the puppies are allowed to go to the new owner.
Since the socialisation age ends at approximately 18 months, it is evident that the new owner continues socialising the dog.
Everything the puppy learns in this period will have positively influence it’s development. The more positive experiences the dog gets during this stage of growing up, the better.

The first 3 weeks the puppies drink the milk the bitch provides. After this period I gradually give them puppybrocks from a high quality, first soaked and than less soaked.
At the age of 6 weeks they eat the same brocks but than dry.
These brocks are made of natural ingredients only, and it is our advice to solely give these brocks until the puppy is 6 months old. By then the owner should switch over to the adult brocks.

All of our puppies receive a pedigree provided bij the Dutch Kennelclub as we only breed by their procedure.
We breed tri-colours as well as two-colours sometimes. This Lemon & White colour is not common, but sometimes we have them in our litter as well as the tri-colours.

If you wanna take a look at our dogs, please see the pictures at the photogallery. Or feel free to make an appointment to see our Beagles in real.

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